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These Energy Mushroom Bites give you an excellent combination of three mushroom supplements with an excellent value for money. In the tropical fruit gummies Mushroom Bites, three sweet mushrooms are combined: lion’s hair, reishi and cordyceps. This is a great way to start if you want to rest more.

The best thing about Mushroom Bites Tropical Fruit is its excellent value for money! We believe in providing products that help you be your best self. That’s why Mushroom Bites Tropical Fruit offers energy supplements to help you concentrate.

Enjoy taking our delicious mushroom supplement every day! Our chewable gummies are made with a totally natural tropical fruit flavor. We use only the best ingredients when we produce our chewable mushroom supplements, so we never include unnecessary fillings, artificial colors or preservatives. In addition, our complex mushroom supplements do not contain gluten, dairy, soy, gelatin or eggs. We are also non-GM and suitable for vegans!

It is essential for us to use only premium ingredients. The mushroom extracts and powders we use are 100% natural, they are packaged in the U.S. and have cGMP approval.


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