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300mg CBD Facial Day Cream (50ml)

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Introducing Premium Jane’s CBD Day Cream

Our daily facial CBD cream (300mg) is designed for use at any time of day. Indeed, many of our customers are so impressed that they use it in place of their existing cream. First and foremost, this skincare product contains high-quality CBD from organic hemp. Each container includes 300mg of CBD in 50ml of cream. Each ml provides 6mg of CBD.

It is possible that CBD from hemp can help nourish and moisturize the skin. Like the rest of our topical range, our CBD day cream achieves the above without clogging the pores.

Why Buy 300mg CBD Facial Day Cream?

Apart from the hemp seed oil, our 300mg CBD daily cream contains a myriad of ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. These include caviar oil, collagen, and barbadensis leaf juice. Once you apply it to your face and neck, you’ll get the same feeling as you do when using a premium-grade moisturizing cream. The difference is, you benefit from added CBD.

Our CBD facial day cream is fully lab tested, and you can view the results on our website. We offer free shipping within the United States and an industry-leading 30-day satisfaction guarantee.